Welcome to Health & Beauty

International Health and Beauty 2023 Exhibition was held on July 6-8 at confrence center of Grand Millennium in Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan Region, With cooperation of companies from China, Germany, India, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait and ect.

At the opening ceremony of this event, Dr. Hawal Abubakar first pointed out the need to invest in the health sector of the Kurdistan Region, and then Kak Jabar, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Medical Association, emphasized the need for health tourism and the modernization of medical equipment.

The third speaker was Dr. Sabah Orami, who spoke about the capabilities of Sulaymaniyah Health Network.

Dr. Lutz, President of German Health Tourism Association and Dr. Prem, President of Indian Health Tourism Association also spoke at the opening ceremony.

On the other days of exhibition Dr.Lutz and Dr. Prem gave speech and conferences and master classes to teach new methods and new technologies in the health and beauty section.

On the last day of the exhibition and the closing ceremony, Kak Jabar, President of the Kurdistan Health Syndicate Association, and Kak Atta, the President of the Travel Agencies Association of the Kurdistan Region, as well as Mr. Aliabadi, Economic Adviser of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sulaymaniyah, honored the participants of the health and beauty event with a certificate of appreciation.

Welcome to CHP Show

Befor the Corona Pandemic, building, installation, and electrical events were held simultaneously at general exhibitions in Sulaymaniyah, and were held frequently due to reconstruction issues in Iraq and the need for construction products and facilities.

After Corona limitations and restart the exhibitions, All three events take place in the form of an exhibition which is called CHP Show, and participants in each of these events, who participated in public exhibitions in previous years, participate in a more specialized and targeted event. CHP is an intelligent exhibition designed based on urban development of Sulaymaniyah Iraqi Kurdistan, market research and commensurate with the volume of construction and the needs of this market and the coefficient of development of Iraqi Kurdistan in this area.

What is needed today in the Iraqi Kurdistan market is the specialization of development activities, which is well considered in the CHP Show.

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      Previous Health & Beauty exhibitions

      August 7, 2023

      Health & Beauty 2023

      It was held from July 6 to 8   This post will be completed  

      Exhibition Location

      Holding CHP Show exhibition at the Sulaymaniyah International Fair
      • 8am - 4pm